EMV and NFC Devices


EMV and NFC Devices

Epic Payments United offers a wide array of affordable, state-of-the-art equipment, enabling merchants nationwide to accept EMV and NFC payments. As a leading provider of innovative, integrated payment solutions, Epic Payments United supports EMV and contactless payments, such as ApplePay. It helps protect your business from being victimized and potentially liable for fraudulent payment transactions. Epic Payments United offers the latest and most effective Free Credit Card Processing and POS system solutions in Miami and Florida. Resources are available 24/7 through Epic's secure online portal. We offer everything from business card processing to complete POS systems and even on-site tech support.

Are you ready to deal with the new payment technologies?
Do you have a new payment technology in mind? Under the EMV system, your credit and debit cards will be fitted with a chip that further authenticates transactions. This measure to protect you from fraud is already being used throughout Europe, so if you are looking into it, Epic Payments United can help. As a business owner, you know the importance of taking care of customers and keeping them coming back. We have the EMV-ready solutions to provide your customers with a fast, secure payment experience. With Epic Payments United, you can protect your business from financial impact caused by potential fraudulent transactions while providing a safe environment for your clients. Get more information about EMV and liability shifting by downloading our handy Infographics.
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PAX S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines innovation, durability and high performance to assure faster, more reliable transactions. The PAX S80 offers advanced connectivity, equipped with various communication technologies such as Dial and Ethernet.




The PAX MT30 is a fully featured POS device, customer facing terminal with color touch screen that provides excessive durability with high-security payments. It offers retailers an innovative branding channel along with a responsive capacitive touch screen and electrostatic pen to enable electronic signature capture. It’s glossy and elegant design encourages customers to use. It also helps to reduce your cost of payment transactions.



PAX S300 PINpad

The latest integrated retail payment solution for multilane merchants who wish to offer high levels of security combined with contactless, e-Signature, magnetic stripe and EMV. With state of the art levels of security design, the S300 protects and encrypts all transaction information.



PAX D210

PAX D210 is an innovative payment device designed to interact with consumers. PAX D210 provides user streamlines payment transactions with high-tech and user-friendly customer interaction. Supporting Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G (WCDMA) or cable connection having the large memory capacity that connects to a wide range of existing and new smart devices with contactless card reader supporting NFC.



Verifone Vx520

VeriFone Vx520 is a reliable, sharp countertop POS device, which has the long-lasting functionality to help to increase productivity. VeriFone Vx520 has a powerful processor with an expandable memory having integrated NFC capabilities that help to support alternative payments and value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.




Whether at the local farmer's market or at a customer's job site, Clover enables you to accept payments on the go, wherever you have a WiFi or cellular connection. With Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, and Clover Go, you can begin accepting EMV payments right out of the box!


Z8 Dual Comm

Z8 Dual Comm is the newest countertop terminal. It is portable design with handset and base unit. This payment solution includes multiple applications, built in PCI Secure PIN Pad, Built-in EMV Smart Card reader that having 192 MB of Memory with 32 bits 400MHz High-Speed Microprocessor. Below are the main features:

-Dual Comm with EMV and NFC Contactless Built In
-2.4" Color LCD with backlight
-192 MB of Memory (128 MB RAM/64 MB DDR RAM)
-PCI PTS Certified
-EMV 4.x L1 and L2 Certified
-Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass
-American Express & JCB J/Speedy Certified
-32 bits 400MHz High Speed Microprocesssor
-Portable Design with Handset and Base Unit


Z11 Touch Screen

The Z11 is the newest countertop touch screen terminal. The Z11 comes in 2 versions, the first being dial and Ethernet, and the second adding WiFi connectivity.

-Dual Comm with EMV and NFC Contacless Built In
-3.5" TFT LCD with PCT Touch Pad
-2.4" Color LCD with Backlight
-192 MB of Memory (128 MB RAM/64 MB DDR RAM)
-PCI PTS Certified
-EMV 4.x L1 and L2 Certified
-Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass
-American Express & JCB J/Speedy Certified
-32bits 400MHz High Speed Microprocessor
-Portable Design with Handset and Base Unit


V8S Dual Comm

The Dejavoo Countertop Dual Comm V8S with its Ethernet and Dial option deliver a powerful punch without sacrificing security. This payment solution includes multiple applications, built in PCI Secure PIN Pad, Built in EMV Smart Card reader, large back lit display and proven software that is "a la cart" loaded with added value services, offered by Resellers and requested by Merchants.


Payment technologies have changed.
Are you prepared?

You may have heard about an advanced type of payment technology - EMV, the new standard for paying with debit and credit cards. Fitted with a chip, EMV cards further authenticate credit and debit transactions, providing enhanced security measures to safeguard payments. While rather new to the United States, Europe adopted EMV years ago.

For businesses nationwide, the switch to EMV means adding new in-store technology to accept EMV-enabled chip cards and more effectively protect sensitive card data; however, the importance of EMV-readiness is beyond a new terminal or POS system - it means protecting your business from financial impact caused by potential fraudulent transactions. We can help! Epic Payments United has the leading EMV solutions to ensure you're prepared to accept the latest, most secure forms of payment and comply with the new liability rules.

Download our handy infographic for additional information regarding EMV and the liability shift.


Accept EMV and contactless payments.

Select the equipment options best for your business.